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The internal heat source at the top of the original point:

This product is adopted by four major international institutions:


European Union

international fair


Certified organic ginger flakes, dried and ground into a fine powder with honey (and cinnamon powder).

It solves the troubles of ordinary eaters when they want to obtain internal heat source but dare not eat ginger slices directly or drink thick ginger soup.

Please store in a refrigerated place if unused after opening.

12 months

How to use:

1. It can be used to boost energy directly at any time

2. Or take after three meals, 5 capsules at a time (can be increased or decreased as appropriate).

3. Alternatively, 2-3 capsules can be brewed in hot water and stirred, tasted as a hot drink, and replenish energy

Cinnamon Ginger Balls

SKU: 包
  • There are about 400 pieces in 1 pack of 200 grams. The processed dried ginger and cinnamon are ground into powder and added with honey to make pills.

  • We provide the payment mode of super store pick-up, please provide the following information:

    Pickup person's name / contact mobile phone number / pickup store name

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