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Size: Width 11 cm Width * Length 23 cm Approximate weight (cloth cover 25 grams + red beans 150~155 grams)

Put it in a microwave oven before use, and the heat can be maintained for 1 to 2 hours.

The enveloping design allows the external heat source to penetrate into the eye area continuously and effectively, eliminating eye fatigue!

And the style that exposes the eyes will not affect the sight after you wear it.

The reason why Pingtung Wantan red beans are put in the hot compress bag is because Wantan red beans are not easy to dissipate heat, so the heat preservation effect is quite good.

In addition, the heat release speed is slow and the safety is high, even if it is wrapped in a towel and brought into the bed, it is no problem to use.

In addition, the aroma of raw red beans after heating has a calming and soothing effect, which can help you fall asleep. The warm bag is made of thick cotton cloth, and it will not be broken and qualitatively changed after repeated microwaves!

Eye Warmer Red Bean Bag

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  • Removable and washable, with Pingtung Wantan red beans inside (about 150 grams)
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