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This is a warm bag that can be used for multiple parts of a spine, especially for those who love the original point!

The 6 parts of the human body control the body's operation respectively. Once you catch cold, you will easily get sick, so you should pay special attention to keeping these key parts warm.

1. Neck: It is easy to catch a cold when the neck is blown by the wind, especially for people with short hair. Without hair protection, it is easier to feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended that,

In winter, you can wear a high collar or use a scarf to keep your neck warm.

2. Shoulders: Shoulders are prone to soreness and discomfort when caught in the cold, so when sleeping, remember to cover them with a quilt to keep warm, so as not to get cold and stiff and uncomfortable shoulders after getting up the next day.

3. Back: The back is where Yang Qi is protected. If you catch a cold, you may catch a cold and cause a cough. For women, it may even lead to chills, which in turn lead to menstrual pain.

4. Belly button: It is well known that the belly button should be kept warm. If the quilt is not covered when sleeping and the abdomen is cold, there may be symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort.

Therefore, doctors recommend that both adults and children should cover the quilt when sleeping.

5. Knees: When the weather is cold, many women who love beauty wear warm upper body, but in order to look thinner, they choose to wear light trousers or short skirts on the lower body.

Let the cold wind blow directly on the knees, which can easily lead to sore knees.

6. The soles of the feet: The soles of the feet are at the very end of the circulation. Once caught cold, it will easily lead to poor blood circulation. Therefore, it is recommended that when sleeping,

Wear thick socks to keep warm, or soak your feet in hot water before bed.

multifunctional warm bag

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  • The best choice for the original heat source auxiliary equipment: warm bag (can hold six warm bags, with a storage bag)

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