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It is made of dried and sliced Peruvian ginger that has passed the four major international certifications, and then it is fried and ground into fine powder, so that you can eat it with more peace of mind.

A pack weight: 100g
It is suitable to be made into capsules or brewed directly for consumption.
The fiber of Peruvian ginger is solid, and the effects of ginger that people need are almost all the ingredients in ginger fiber.
For example:
* Ginger gas for deodorization
* Gingerol
* Curcumin
All are stored in the fiber of ginger.

Internationally certified 300 fine-mesh ginger powder

SKU: 包
  • A pack of 100 grams can be mixed with beverages.

  • We provide the payment mode of super store pick-up, please provide the following information:

    Pickup person's name/contact phone number/store name of the pickup store.

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