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For external use only 

  Please read the manual carefully and use it according to the manual

【Product Name】Fever Ginger Paste


【Product Ingredients】Ginger powder, mugwort leaf, ginger oil.

[How to use] Wipe the affected area before use, unpack the package, and stick this product

  on the affected area.

[Usage time limit] Although the heating effect period is up to 24 hours, it is recommended to replace it once every 8 hours.



 1. It is contraindicated for those with red and swollen skin, hyperemia, ulceration, and wounds.

 2. Disabled for allergies.

 3. Pregnant women, infants and young children are prohibited.

 4. Do not stick it on the head, eyebrows and areas prone to sweating to avoid falling off.

 5. A small number of people have local itching or rash during use, which does not affect the use

    will gradually disappear after deactivation.

 6. This product is for one-time use.

 7. This product is for daily use at home, and it cannot replace medicine.

[Storage] Sealed, cool and dry place.

[Validity] Two years.

Enhanced Hot Ginger Paste

SKU: 包
  • A pack of 50 tablets, divided into mild version (without red dot on the package) and enhanced version (with red dot on the package)

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