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  • How long can ginger paste last?
    Although the product is already a long-acting type (24 hours), it is recommended to tear it off after about 8 hours to avoid long-term skin irritation and allergies
  • May I ask how to eat ginger balls?
    Depending on the individual's constitution, it is recommended to take about 5 pills at a time, and no more than 20 pills a day
  • How to store ginger balls?
    As long as it is placed in a cool place and protected from moisture and sunlight
  • Can ginger milk be rubbed by children?
    Generally speaking, if infants and young children want to apply it, try to use a grain-sized amount of rice and add baby oil to apply it. Be careful not to touch the eyes. If infants and young children are not used to it, just wipe it off with baby oil
  • What is the FAQ section?
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